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Field Service

Our Field Service Engineers work on Machine Tools, Robotics, and all other industrial automation equipment.

We provide troubleshooting and laser calibration services on all types of CNCs.  Our specialty is in K&T machines and OpenCNC controls, however we cover a broad range of other industrial equipment wherever we are needed.


Authorized Service Representatives

We provide contract field service representatives to serve your customers.

More Flexibility
Gives you greater control over the number of staff in the field. 

Avoid Burn Out Your in-house people will have less mandatory overtime, travel time and hence, less staff turn over.  

Quicker Response For OEM's that are not located in the Detroit area, we can get there quicker!  Don't bother starting the 6 hour drive, when we're right next door.  

More Than Just One Person When you use our ASR engineers, you're hiring everybody at S3, all at once.  We also provide specialty tools where needed, make our own travel arrangements, and complete all OEM paperwork required at sign-off.  

Now (not) Hiring Unlike hiring in house, you can avoid all of the hassles with the interviewing- hiring-firing mess!  

Cut Expenses We offer special rate plans that can often cost less than your existing in-house labor rate.  What's more, you don't need to worry about health insurance, retirement accounts, and company cars.  

Will Travel Whether you need a four day trip across the globe, or you need someone on site for three months, our people are ready to travel.  

Best of All!   You'll get to work with our helpful and cheery staff of sales / dispatch coordinators!


With over 140 retrofit projects under our belts, we have designed new control systems for mills, lathes, flame cutters, automatic screw machines, lasers, CNC punches and routers.

Repair Center

Our shop in Rochester, Michigan can handle axis drives, spindle drives servo motors, control boards, and CNC computer systems.  Since this was our bread and butter business during the 90s, we have a great wealth of knowledge on the topic.

Guage Systems

Our Integage(tm) product is a software package we have developed that gives us the "X Factor" capability to take third-party measurment transducers and components beyond the constraints of fixed OEM utilities and software. We can build a simple gauge right out of the box or write custom algorithms for complex geometries.  This gives us the ability to solve certain problems that are typically beyond the average integration house.

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