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S3 - Stands for SERVICE.

We provide ASR (Authorized Service Representative) contract field service labor. Flexible, reliable, and affordable.

About Us

Contract FSE's (Field Service Engineeers) available for:

  • Machine Installation
  • Field Service Troubleshooting
  • Servo drive & motor repair
  • Electronic controller card & assembly repair
  • Laser Calibration and linear ballscrew comps
  • Retrofitting, options and engineering mods

We wear your shirts, we represent your company!

If an installation bottleneck is slowing down revenue, or you have a hard time keeping qualified troubleshooters on staff, this is where we can help.

FLEXIBILITY - with our ASR's (Authorised Service Representatives) readily available

Nowadays, OEMs are rated not only by their machinery, but also the quality of their service.  No matter the distance or short-notice, our goal is to provide your company with the added resources needed to keep installs flowing, down-machines up and running, and customers in love with your brand.

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Use us as needed, when needed. We are travel-ready from Michigan, to Mexico, to Malaysa.

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